Hello Tokyo!

It took me quite some time to get around to doing this but here it is. It’s not exactly rammed with interesting blogs yet but hopefully it will in the future month.

I have been living in Tokyo for 1 month now and I really love the place already. It’s loud, crazy, friendly, bright and incredibly lively.  People seem to be much happier here that they do back at home which is great to see. They are just the nicest people you could ever meet really despite the world falling apart around them! A good attitude I think and one Ireland should adopt.

I have landed my self quite a good job teaching English in a good school and I recently moved into a guesthouse in the lovely village of Koenji. It could be a town but I am not too sure. It’s quite small and there is lots of small trendy cafes/second hand clothes shops/art exhibitions and pawn shops. It’s  like a huge ‘Bernard Shaw’ town. I read it was one of  Tokyo’s most attractive places.  I have been informed there are quite a few live houses here so I will no doubt be going to many many gigs out here. I might even get that camera I have always wanted and take up some gig photography.  I have also started taking camera phone photos of drunk business men on trains. Seriously, they lie in positions I have never seen or thought that existed. So awesome!

Rammed – apologies for using this word. I am too lazy to go back to edit it now.

Photo – Karaoke Adventure #1 of many many more.

Roppongi Karaoke


~ by redegg on April 20, 2009.

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  1. I want your life please thanks.

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