Random camera phone shots (of drunk business men on trains)

Business men over here get drunk quite a bit – whenever and where ever they like.  Apparently their lives are so miserable from long work hours and loveless marriages and this is their only release.  I would see at least one a day on trains and multiple times at weekends.  It’s a depressing sight but mostly funny. This is only a taster…..

Suspect 1Suspect 2Suspect 3Suspect 4Suspect 6Suspect 5


~ by redegg on April 20, 2009.

12 Responses to “Random camera phone shots (of drunk business men on trains)”

  1. Hah great photos

  2. Before you know it you’ll be repositioning them them for better photo compositions.

  3. i feel bad for laughing but that is far too funny!! nice blog by the by colin. we miss you!

  4. I miss you too!

  5. the guy on the top right is my favourite, he looks really comfy 🙂

  6. These are deadly Colin! You’re a hardened snapper by the look of it!

  7. Thanks. Might be trickier taking photos with a big SLR on a train!

  8. Yeah exactly…but the cheekiness of doing so is a rush in itself. Still, nice cameraphone you have. Are there more of these?

  9. Wowee, what a great blog dude! Now I have to step up my game and compete!

    Lovin this post with the drunken guys, It really shows a different perspective on your trip… reminds me of the beginning of Old Boy. Ha!!


  10. I really did not think much of these photos but they seem to be getting a lot of attention! I do have more pictures of these drunken men but I want to save them up for something else. Maybe a “Drunken Business Men #2” post! I had Sake tonight for the first time. It was disgusting! Paint stripper in a jar!!!!!!

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  12. […] business men Since my first “drunk business men” post was popular, here are two more shots of  Tokyo’s […]

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