AIRS (Shinjuku – Toyko) – Heaven

This is easily the best thing I have found in Tokyo to date. It’s a bootleg DVD shop near where I work in Shinjuku. Basically, hundreds of bootleg DVDs from lots and lots and lots of artists. Not only that, alot of the artists visit the shop and get photos taken in the shop and they are posted around the shop in cool fancy frames. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been there, Jack White on numerous occasions with Meg, John Frusciante, Thurston Moore, Rapture, Johnny Greenwood, Pavement, Metallica, Henry Rollins and even Spook of the Thirteenth Lock from Ireland!

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

It’s beyond awesome! You can also pick any DVD off a shelf and pop it into a DVD player and sit on a stool and watch it before you buy it.  I watched a really cool BECK DVD where he played harmonium for the last bit of his set in a church and did a crazy electronic version on LOSER where he screamed down a microphone through an SP-404!  So mad!  My break times are just the best ever!

I bought a Patrick Wolf live DVD (he is so gay but brilliant) and my latest purchase is a live Yeah Yeah Yeahs DVD [Live on JTV Australia TV 2006] . Show Your Bones was just released when this was filmed. They opened with my favourite YYY track which is the main reason why I bought it!

Track listing is:

Cheated Hearts, Way Out, Black Tongue, Honey Bear, Pin, Gold Lion, Miles Away, Maps, Warrior, Turn Into, Y Control, Date With the Night.


~ by redegg on April 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “AIRS (Shinjuku – Toyko) – Heaven”

  1. *Cough* Rip and post *cough*

    Good to see you’re enjoying your time in fab Tokyo Colin!

  2. Haha! I’ll wait till I build up a collection first!

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