Four bands I am loving these days!

I have been listening to alot of music since I arrived in Tokyo (mostly Irish bands).  Here is what I love and recommend.

1>Halfset – Another Way Of Being There

I still think these peeps should have won the Choice Music Prize.  Sorry Richie!  This album makes me drool at times and makes me fall sleep other times. It features some of the finest guitar playing I have heard from a Dublin band in a long time. Well, since Adebisi Shank of course (maybe from Wicklow?).  The tones they get from guitars are exactly what I would love to sound like. It’s incredibly well produced and I can tell.  I read in an interview that they hated most of the songs even before the release as they spent days doing each instrument for each song.  I think it was worth it though.  There is not one bad song on this and I really really really regret not taking that Halfset DVD over with me!  I have fond memories seeing them support Pivot in Whelans last year, the only time I got to see them live.  I bought the album the next day.


An Irish instrumental band who completely blow my socks off.  No, I don’t know them!  Their drummer drums with More Tiny Giants (who’s “Wolves At Your Door” EP was easily one of my favourites from last year –  Enemies make loud music with awesome guitar arrangements. Almost like a symphony of guitars at times!  Their myspace songs are all I know and I can’t stop listening to them. They are playing a gig in Dublin soon with the amazing Club AC30 which I recommend as well as some Toyko gigs which I will 100% be attending! I think they are on first at Club AC30 so go early!  And So I Watch You From Afar are headlining that show. These guys are great.  I have seen them twice now and they are touring their new album. They seem like nice chaps and make great instrumental music so why not go along and support some top quality Irish music.  They ripped the roof of the building that last time playing in the middle of the crowd.  BRING EARPLUGS!

  • 3rd may – Club AC30 Enemies/Maybeshewill/ASIWYFA Whelans
  • 18th june – Enemies, Yokohama, Japan
  • 19th june – Enemies, Shibuya/Toyko
  • 20th june – Enemies, Shibuya/Tokyo

3>Jogging –  New Myspace Demos

I caught these guys play support to Parts and Labour in Crawdaddy a few weeks before I left.  I think it was Valentines Day!  I really really liked what I heard despite being rather bitter with them getting loads of big gig supports without have any recordings to their name.  At the Drive In meets Sonic Youth heaven!

“Bruises Like Bow-Ties” is a bloody great! Isn’t it?

4>Funeral Suits – New Songs

I have always loved these guys.  New, refreshing and fun.  Their newly recorded songs have been in their setlist for quite some time but it’s so good to hear them recorded.  They play Academy 2 on the 15th of May with support from the equally brilliant New Amusement to launch their new “Eye Spy” EP (It will have a rather brilliant ending I have been informed).  I would love to go this really but I obviously can’t.  The Irish music scene can be quite saturated with mudane middle of the road indie bands and songwriters but these guys really stand out for me and have done since we first played with them at the Green Lights EP #1 March 2008 launch.

“Take them and break them…..”

New songs:

  • Start of the End (re recorded version)
  • Helsinki
  • Dani is Karl
  • Acid Happy (This was an acoustic demo on their page when it was set up early 2008. It was equally brilliant and I hope it makes a return sometime)


~ by redegg on April 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Four bands I am loving these days!”

  1. Indeed, Rough Trade in London had a little section of CDs dedicated to “Japan”, most of them managed to scare me in slightly different ways, so I’m glad you haven’t embraced all that 100%!

  2. Oh other things I left out were the new Patrick Wolf and the new Heritage Centre which is rather deadly.

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