The Grapes – Beatles Bar (Koenji)

The Grapes

Last night I decided to go on a bit of a pub crawl with my Australian housemate in Koenji. It was far out! We started off in an Irish bar called Lamas near the JR station which was a little depressing to be honest!  Then we went to a rock bar next door where they played loads of old classics on vinyl from John Lee Hooker to Thin Lizzy.  We were only passing by but I really liked the vibe from this place so I will check it out again.  Then we moved to one of the more unusual places I have visited in Japan in my two months here.. I won’t say what it was exactly right now.  It deserves a post of its own really! (to come in a few days time. I need some proper photos!).  Then we moved onto The Grapes, a Beatles themed bar which was tiny. I mean it holds 15 people max!  I got a superb beef curry lasagne thing and I tried a John and a George from the cocktail menu!

Coctail Menu

Cocktail Menu

This was a brilliant find and highly recommended.  They had Beatles songs playing in the back ground and lots of memorabilia on the walls, photos of the Beatles looking incredibly young and it had really nice staff. I will definitely be going back.  Apparently there is a John Lennon museum in Tokyo somewhere that Yoko Ono has something to do with. I may pop along to that soon!

p.s.: I think there is a mosquito in my room.  Never been biten by one before. I’m tres scared!

update: completely destroyed the thing (flying Beatle!?!!?!) with a Kieth Richards book I am reading.


~ by redegg on April 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Grapes – Beatles Bar (Koenji)”

  1. That is really cool – wish I could visit.

  2. Yes it’s is! I have been there numerous times now for food. It’s serves great food!!

  3. […] half mentioned this place in my Beatles bar post last month but I thought this cafe deserved a posting of it’s own.  This is the Hattifnatt […]

  4. It is a good place.
    I’ve been in 4 times now.
    And yeah, the food is top notch!

  5. […] The Grapes – Koenji [Rupert the Bear] Look who popped in for a shot of tequilla a few weeks ago!  I got a bit of surprise when I looked up and saw him just sitting there all alone so I decided to join him.  The Beatles themed bar is located north of Koenji station is an excellent venue for any occassion;  Food, beer, coctails, music, friendly staff and Rupert the Bear.. All good!   They seem to have most if not all the Beatles back catalog on vinyl too and a great sound system!  I like this place alot.  My previous Grapes post is here. […]

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