Odaiba – Tokyo

I had some free time to kill before I started my job as as a semi full time teacher so I did the touristy thing and opened Lonely Planet, flicked randomly and ended up here.  This place is very unique and really was not what I expected!  It apparently only really became a tourist attraction in the mid 1990s.  I was not entirely up for it heading out but I was so impressed when I got there and I could have spent another day here!  What a fun day it was.  My 10 highlights were (with a spattering of photos):

  1. It’s a man-made Island off  Tokyo bay how cool is that!
  2. It has a man made beach to go with it.. (swimming not recommended!).Beach
  3. You can get amazing views of Rainbow Bridge (which looks 100 times better at night!)
  4. The Palette shopping mall with a rather crazy selection of shops and the worlds scariest arcade machine down a dark corridor…. I got serious bad vibes from this thing.  It told your fortune I think and threw cards about by spitting them from it’s mouth.. It moved really fast and kept staring at me as if it wanted to rip my head off!  It reminded me of the arcade machine in Big but 100 times worse.


5.  Sega Amusement Arcade.  This looked great but just too enormous so I gave it a miss this time unfortunately!

6.  Replica of the Statue of Liberty.  I got quite the shock walking up the hill to  find this towering over me as I had never even heard of it!Relpica - Statue of Libery

7.  National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (geek fest!).  The Terminator Exhibition was on here.  I did not have enough time for it but I will definitely be checking it out very soon.  There was some really cool robots and other installations which were brilliant too. They are too hard to explain so I’ll let the photos do the talking. The last one was my favourite.  It showed how packets are sent over the internet by use of marbles and all these coils and how they are encrypted and then decrypted.  It was pretty awesome.


8. One of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the world.


9.  Megaweb, exhibition hall of car maker Toyota. This had a track for test driving automatic cars in the actual showroom which went out side for sometime. Of course I got in one!  Never been behind a wheel before!  It also exhibited some vehicles of the future which I REALLY wanted a go on 😦


10.  Zepp Tokyo. This  is a famous live house in Tokyo.Zepp Live House


Overall, Odaiba rocks and I will be going back.  Next time I will get the Sega Amusements, the Terminator exhibition in and maybe end it off in a hot Onsen (natural  hot spring bath)…. naked.. Sure it’s a tough life!


~ by redegg on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Odaiba – Tokyo”

  1. so when you saw the statue of liberty did you get down on you’re knees and start shouting “damn you! you blew it all to hell! yes you’ve finally made a monkey out of me”

  2. plus you might get in trouble trying to see the sega amusements ,terminator exhibit and the hot springs all in the nip 🙂

  3. No… I did over hear some Americans near me moaning that it was pointless and not a replica.. I HATE _________.

    Fill in the blank.

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