Roppongi – Toyko Hell Hole

I am writing this blog entry hoping someone somewhere in the world planning their Toyko trip will Google – “night out tokyo” and find this and  hopefully convince them not to go there.

This is one of the main places foreigners will always go to for a “night out” in Tokyo.  It’s apparently the place to go!  It’s actually my idea of hell and I usually end up in Mc Donalds wondering why I went there or trying to sleep for a few hours before the 5am train arrives.  Here is a taster (5am morning time as I went for a train):


Seedy bars, prostitutes that actually latch onto your arm on the streets to offer you some sweet times, black men convincing you to pay 30 euro into clubs that are actually terrible and this place is renowned for Rohypnol drugging (men and women).  This place is chocablock with clubs, bars, strip bars that are clearly funded by foreigners stupidy.

Please do yourself a favour, avoid this place and hop on a train go to Koenji (6 minutes from Shinjuku) and rock into one of these places (Izakaya). People are much much friendlier here, food and beer is filthy cheap (100Yen or 78 cent for a pint of beer), no ridiculous “you must have a beer in your hand at all times” policy and you really get a proper taste of Japanese night life.  If you think this is boring – go to Ibiza, Japan is just not for you I am afraid!  Whoever said Japans night life was expensive clearly had no idea about these little gems hidden down alleys in most of Tokyos small towns.



~ by redegg on May 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Roppongi – Toyko Hell Hole”

  1. Not entirely relevant but this was in today’s Guardian:

  2. Well actually it is! That event was on was in Roppongi! Meant to be quite nice inside I hear…

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