Look what I bought today – Sony Japan DSC-HX1


A fascinating little camera really!  I went out to Ginza/Tokyo to check out the Sony Japan building last week just for something to do (Ginza is a bit crap unless you want to shop in Chanel or look for the latest Louis Vidon handbag and sip on incredibly frothy capachino from Starbucks) and this camera really caught my eye and after a small bit of research, a lot of huffing and hawing, I finally went and bought it today. It cost 54000 YEN (420 euro) which seemed quite resonable for a camera just released in the Japanese market.  I got one of the last overseas English models so I am well chuffed.  The Japanese version does not have a language function to allow you to change it to English which I think is ridiculous.  It could be just an exclusive product for Japan.  I am not too sure really.

The main features that stand out for me is the amazing sweep panoramic mode (takes some pretty nifty shots) and a face detection feature that detect a child’s face from an adults and only takes a photo when people smile in the photo! Pretty incredible stuff me thinks.

Here is a link to it’s full specification.
I have yet to play with it properly.  I am off to Osaka for 2 days tomorrow after work.  A nice 7 hour night bus jouney on a crowded bus. Sure it beats the 150 euro train ticket!  I might try and take some shots while I am there!  Have no idea what to expect from the place! Universal Studios anyone?

** EDIT 6/sept/2009 **

My opinion in brief:  Day shots are great but anything with out a flash is quite grainy I find though unfortunately.  I believe this may be a common problem with most DSLRs.  Any one else notice this? 

The quality of the HD videos is scarily good but my laptop almost dies when trying to play them as they are so huge.  I do need a new laptop I should add. 

Panoramic feature – this feature works well  for landscapes with nothing too close in the forground.  Don`t use indoors or with people in them.. People will come out half missing and looking really unnaturally thin.  I have taken some great great panoramic photos of city scapes on sunny days.  This feature is great but it does take alot of practice!  The image also comes out much smaller than expected on my computer for some reason.. Not too sure why.  I probably just need to tweet the settings.

Anti blur – good feature and I use this alot especially at live gigs I attend. 

Marco – brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Screen – folds out which makes lower angle shots more managable.

A nice camera with many nifty features over all and quite affordable.  Any questions email me from my “about me” section.

Sample Photos:

Kyoto Japan

Awa Odori Koenji Dance Festival Tokyo

Osaka Japan (first camera outing)


~ by redegg on May 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Look what I bought today – Sony Japan DSC-HX1”

  1. i have buy Sony cybershot HX 1 japan version.
    do you know how to change language japan to english ?

    • To be honest. I don`t think you can.. I got an over seas model that was in English. I think it was an exclusive to Sony Japan only. I know it is ridiculous but there is no language options on this camera. Bizarre! Ask Sony them selves through the link above (specification).

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  3. Oh yes, there is: press Menu and then scroll till you can choose from more then 10 languages! Including Dutch, Finnish, Dansk etc ect

  4. Not on my camera! I got an overseas model and there is 100% no language change feature on my camera.

  5. i’m thinking of buying Sony DSC-TX1 in osaka but i wonder all sony models in japan does not have language setting

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