Shibusashirazu Orchestra @ Goodman / Akihabra


I never really associated Akihabra with gigs but I am apparently wrong.  This Electric Town venue hosted one of the most entertaining and down right bizzare shows I have attended in a LONG time or ever possibly.

I met up with a fellow teacher headed off to the Goodman last week.  He seems to know ALOT about the Japanese music scene so it’s giving me a good head start to see what it’s all about.  What’s good, what’s not so good etc.  He recommended this. I also stole his photos I must add!  I was stupid enough not to bring a camera.

The venue was similar to Kennedys in Dublin (ie. tiny and without all the stupid pillars and a wider stage).  The crowd were all over 35 years old and we were the only 2 white people there out of the 150 or so in the packed little matchbox room.  Japanese fans are crazy.  It is true.  Crazy pogo is the dance of choice here.  I have yet to master it as it hurts my feet.

It’s hard to explain Shibusashirazu music but I will try –  20+ plus piece orchestra making insane, improv jazz, with a spattering of crazy anthemic punk all conducted but a conducter who smoked for the whole 2 hour set.  They also had these peeps creeping everyone out at the sides of the venue with their crazy slow to very fast dancing (Kabuki).  They were also in the nip at various stages.  Banana girl sat on top of a ladder doing the same thing for 2 hours. Look at her go!  They have also been added to the Fuji Rock Festival line up which makes incredibly long trip to this really expensive festival more appealing.




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~ by redegg on May 11, 2009.

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