Today is a special day!


I have been in Japan for exactly two months.  It has not flown and it has not dragged.  I have no regrets coming here and I think it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I do need to thank my good friend Caron for really making this all possible!   Her mate also helped out when he could too showing me about Tokyo and the unforgivably entertaining but scary abandonment on night 1 in Tokyo.  Not only did Caron encourage me to grab my balls and go for it when I quit my last horrible job in January she put up with me and my smelly socks at the bottom of her bed in her apartment for 1 month and she also helped me secure the all important interview with a great school.  I really did not know I would last this long.  The first few weeks were worrying I have to say.  Lots of jobs but also ALOT of people.  Getting emails confirming my application for jobs was disheartening.  They tell you how many people have applied.. some were in the thousands.  I was not too hopeful to be honest.

My happiest moment here was getting offered a job almost exactly one month in.  I just secured my year away and it  meant I would not be going home with a tail between my legs moping like the thousands of Irish coming home from Australia currently.  I genuinely do feel sorry for these people.  I have had friends over there that had to leave because their “contracts” ended and it’s just not nice.  Good times became bad times.  When I went to Melbourne beach before I came to Japan it was a hang out for unemployed Irish who were trading phone numbers from tattered Premier refill pads.  Quite scary and depressing. Sydney not so.. Beautiful city and I will be going back sometime.

Do I miss home? – of course I do.  Simple things like friends, family and just being familiar with my surrounding and what not. I am starting from scratch here and it’s all new to me but that’s what I love about coming here.  I feel completely refreshed from the run down, flu ridden, stressed out mess I was before I left.  I am learning new things about Japanese culture everyday and it’s very interesting and sometimes rather bizarre.   I am also learning the language at the minute too from people at work and my housemates.

So yea, I am quite content over here.  I live with 6 interesting Japanese people who I get on with,  I like my work and the people I work with and I absolutely love Koenji.  It so odd how I ended up here as it is just so perfect for me.  A buzzing music scene, small independent music shops, small bars that hold 10 people max,  wacky coffee shops, second hand clothes shops and amazing authentic restaurants.  It’s great to come home from busy Tokyo city job to a little town just 5 minutes away and just stroll about quiet streets where people have a “don’t give a shit” attitude which is great since people can be quite wound up in the city especially business men.

I am very excited about the months ahead of me!  I have no idea how long I will be here.  I guess that’s the exciting part.  I have had a rather incredible two months away so far.  I have met some great great people (of course a splattering of assholes too).  Too many things to mention.  Thanks for reading!


~ by redegg on May 14, 2009.

12 Responses to “Today is a special day!”

  1. once again i am jealous of you. dang! glad youre enjoying it though. and we still miss you!! well i do anyway!

  2. aw thanks you! sniffles and…. then tucks into a tub of amazing chocolate ice cream. It so good over here.

  3. Awh that was such a nice read Colin. Good to hear your Japanese adventure is going so well!

  4. Glad you see past the spelling errors, punctuation errors and poor sentence structures. Thanks!

  5. aww colin i miss you!! Glad you’re enjoying yourself though!

  6. Aww thanks colin, that was soo sweet xxxx

  7. all embarrassed now…..

  8. I’ve been neglecting the blog, just catching up now. Glad to hear you’re getting on well, I’m quite jealous of your adventurous spirit!

  9. 4th paragraph – nicely put.
    I’d visited Koenji a few times when I lived in Ogikubo.
    It wasn’t until I actually started living in Koenji that I realised how cool it is.

    I enjoy it when I meet people who love Ginza, and I go on to tell them about Koenji and I can see from their faces that they are baffled as to why I would want to live in a place that has no department store, no Starbucks and nowhere stocking Louis Vuitton.

    Ha, the clueless fools!

  10. Yes my trip out to Ginza was brief to be honest. Don’t really see the appeal apart from a few of the nice landmarks and some cool restaurants near the station bridge.

  11. Only found your blog recently and now you are leaving japan it seems! Oh well, gone back to the start of it. i need to make notes for my next visit to japan. Koenji sounds like a nice place! My kind of place!

  12. Yea, Koenji is a special place. Highly recommended.. Thank you for reading my blog!

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