My Favourite Shop in Koenji

Shin Koenji Junk Shop

Koenji is full of small shops that sell some rather bizarre things. This is by far the oddest.

The first time I walked into this jungle of junk I practically got a head ache.  Too many things for the eyes to take in at one go.  A complete orgy for the eyes.  Everywhere I looked there is something hanging, hiding behind something or sticking into my sides.  I had to be careful though as nothing was tied up and could have easily fallen down onto of me.  So much junk and EVERYTHING had a price tag.  I love going in there as I always find new bits on each visit and I really get a good giggle out of the ridiculous layout that shop owner has somehow come up with.  Whether you are looking for something for the house, guitar, a broken sowing machine, ear rings, a retro lamp, a futon, an old telephone or even a creepy turtle ornament this place will have it.  Most definitely!


he can't believe it either!


light anyone?


ring ring, what the..


I have no idea how it's sitting there

It’s near the Shin Koenji – Maranouchi Line entrance past the Post Office.


~ by redegg on May 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “My Favourite Shop in Koenji”

  1. Tell me, do they sell such a thing as a single plum floating in perfume in a mans hat? For I can’t find one anywhere…my guess is they do btw

  2. Of course the do!! Just on the somewhere on the left as you go in behind the Sex Pistols toilet seat and beside the Hitler candle holders above the extensive ashtray collection.

  3. I’ve been there quite a few times and it is a lovely shop, but it’s really more a bizarrely disordered antique store more than it is a junk shop. The prices are quite high on a lot of things. I remember once asking the price on a lucite pencil box and being told it was something like 2,500yen which is the price I’d expect to pay for such a thing at the antique shows back in the states.

    Still, fun to look around. My favourite junk shop is that one in Koenji on what we call sex street if you can guess where that is. Their prices are usually always crazily low.

  4. Can I ask where is this kouenji sex street junk shop? I’d love to check it out.

  5. Come out of Shin Koenji Station (lawsons side), take a left and keep walking for about 7 or so minutes! Can’t miss it with all the stuff on the foot path.

  6. Although,.,,.. I’ve been home from Japan since February 2010! Hope it’s still there, I want to visit it when I go back to visit!

  7. Actually I read that wrong. I gave directions to the one I blogged about.. The Sex Street one is…… come out north Koenji JR station. Take left, walk past KFC, over the pedestrian and walk straight ahead for 7 minutes past cake shop and loads of bars, 7 11 etc.

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