Simple Japanese Food (for foreigners)

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It sure was daunting coming to Tokyo and not really know what to eat as everything was in Japanese.  Here, I will suggest 4 simple options that I HIGHLY recommend if you are a slightly picky eater or just like to know what you are eating!! They are definitely better and healthier than living off KFC and McDonalds which most people seem to do when they arrive.  Forget your Octopus, goats heart and chicken hide!  Here they are in order of simplicity.




These are the simplest “grab and go” snack available in pretty much every convenience store. Don’t be put off by the odd colour.  It’s a rice ball and sea weed. They come with various fillings (small pictures on the front) which you need to be careful about. Look for the filling that looks like seaweed!  The Tuna and seaweed ones are quite nice. It’s almost like their version of a Snickers!  A great vegetation option too.




Another take out option. Rice, cooked fish, other meats and pickled or cooked vegetables on a diposible tray. There are lots of different types but the Noriben is a safe choice, so no fish eggs or nasty mayonaisse dressing.




This is my favourite sit in option.  Simple Japanese food, smoke free, cheap as beans and 100% delicious with no crazy dressings. Most dishes are about 6 euro.  Grilled fish/chicken/pork, salad, pickled vegetables, miso soup, radish, seaweed, green tea. You just can’t go wrong here!  Fish would be healthiest option.  They do batter and deep fry all meats over here as far I can see which is unfortunate but still so good.  Usually incredibly busy and well staffed.  There is at least two Ootoyas in most zones.  Just look out for the signs! English menu is available so just ask.  A great way to ease your self into the crazier Japanese dishes which I am slowly doing.  Rice potato octopus cheese ball anyone?

Pepper Lunch

pepper lunch.. hmm

pepper lunch.. hmm

Another great chain and a sit in option. Only set back is you pay for food through a machine with a menu that is in Japanese and your clothes may reek slightly after it.  There is English stickers on some machines but the pictures are a safe bet!  It’s cheap again and you get to cook your own food on a hot plate!  Egg, beef, vegetables and lots of different sauces are available.  OK not exactly Japanese I know but it sure is popular over here. It’s the closest thing to a mouth orgasm the first time you eat this!  Jeez that sounds filthy.

That’s it!

More here in my recent post


~ by redegg on May 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Simple Japanese Food (for foreigners)”

  1. The friend egg in the pepper lunch at the end looks so out of place… I like the look of the bento box.

  2. Well egg is on lots of things over here. Chicken, pasta and even on egg pizza! I tried Tempura today for the first time.. I think it’s their Fish and Chips.. Battered Prawn, rice, pumpkin and egg plant.. Quite nice but I now feel gentle pains in the heart area.

  3. so if i was to place a monte in front of you beside the rice & seaweed balls, which one would you eat?? it’s one or the other…

  4. Rice and seaweed balls all the way!

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