My new notebook cover

I bought this is a shop in Koenji (north exit of the JR station straight, down to the end of central road and it’s on the right).  It sells lots of herbal bath oils, cards,  incence candles, books, organic foods and these……..  This may be the last book cover they had in stock as it’s all I could find.  Book covers (usually plain) are on most books over here as people don’t want people to see what they are reading on trains I guess. Not entirely sure but that’s my guess.  They do have a similar design for a purse/wallet type thing though.  There is a mouse and hedgehog themed one which is equally as warped.  oh it also has a sheep’s leg as a bookmark which is not pictured.  Not an actual sheep’s leg…

sheepy sheepy

sheepy sheepy


~ by redegg on May 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “My new notebook cover”

  1. this blog gets funnier every day!

  2. I can’t find a website or anything from this artist! Pity because it’s brilliant!

  3. oh my god, I love it!

  4. That is brilliant! My God, keep the hilarity coming dude!!

  5. Sure, who doesn’t get absorbed in books on a sleepless night?

    Wait a minute, he’s EATING THE BOOK! that’s not my kinda absorption!

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