Super Deluxe – SoundRoom

Soundroom - Super Deluxe

Soundroom is a monthly event held in the rather lovely Super Deluxe in Roppongi.  It was 1000 yen in and it was a Monday night so I just could not refuse.  So, I jumped on the “train of shame” (Oedo Line) to Roppongi and met Craig who knows the Japanese music scene like the days of the week.  The venue holds about 500 people max and it’s dimly lit with lamps in the middle of the floor and the place is scattered with toys, samplers, bells, batteries, miniature Star Wars figurines, synths, cassettes, radios, flashing toys, a picnic basket, effects pedals, bow and arrow, mixers, rubber chickens, a balloon and even a bicycle wheel (that turned out be a homemade violin).  I was excited. Very very excited.  All 4 acts were great (the quality of live music over here is just something else!)  but the one that did it for me were these guys – OPQ/Shibata outfit.  Really interesting noise!  Even a balloon was used to create some cool squeaky effects as the video below shows.  It seems to be quite popular over here.. The “weird noise” genre that is or as Fight Like Apes would put it “Lovely Noise”.   Here is a selection of photos and videos I took at the beginning and very end of the set. The last photo is when they played “catch the balloon and pass it on” game.  I was totally all over it.  I am very excited about the LITE/Adebisi Shank gig here on July 15th!










Near the start of the set:

Very end:


~ by redegg on May 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Super Deluxe – SoundRoom”

  1. im very jealous. grrr

  2. Great idea to add video, gives a better feel for it. First video is cool.

  3. I am incredibly impressed by that bike wheel used as a string instrument. Tis only inspiring!

  4. I was trying to figure out how it was made! I think some sort of magnets or pickups were involved. really not too sure

  5. Wow, this is so cool, looks like a great space to hang out and catch a gig…it’s a pity that in similar efforts here, stuff lying around would be nicked!

    Really cool pics too Colin, nice one 🙂

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