Nakano Broadway


I did not know a lot about Nakano apart from that it was on my train line and it had some sort of unusual shopping mall! I decided to check the place out on my day off but ended up wandering aimlessly around Broadway, a shopping mall dedicated to Manga, Anime, costumes, toys, figurines, antique clocks, watches, gadgets, porcelain dolls, books and anything to do with Japanese culture really.  Fans of Alien, Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Gremlins, Smurfs, Mario, Toy Story, Indiana Jones and Star Wars should definitely check this out.  There is shops dedicated just for them.  There was also a military shop selling air guns/military gear and there was also a shop that sold just yo yos! The ground floor does not have much to offer really although one shop did have literally a mountain of shoes spilling out into the mall itself and it almost touched the ceiling in the shop.  I was dying to get a photo of it but the three shop owners were totally eying me up so moved on. The top three floors are just full of brilliant weirdness and you could easily spend a full day here in the 100 or so shops and even get lunch in a maid cafe while your at it!  I felt like I was a kid again and it sure brought back some fond childhood memories.

Here is a selection of photographs I took in this place! Well worth checking out.










How to get here: Chuo Local or Chuo Rapid from Shinjuku.. Go out the JR Nakano North exit and it’s right infront of you.


~ by redegg on June 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nakano Broadway”

  1. Holy fuck that place looks awesome! I want that gigantic Gojira figure!

  2. My photos do not do this place justice. This is probably 2% of what’s actually on offer! scary!

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