Dog with Pump Organ – Enban


Jon the Dog ジョン(犬) - Part woman, part dog, completely bonkers (myspace photo)

Last Monday I checked out a gig in the Enban/Koenji as a listing suggested there was possibly a dog playing pump organ.  What a way to sell a gig eh?  The venue was packed to full capacity (20 people) with people wedged beside shelves, some people kind of sitting on top of each other eating omelet off paper plates (some one decided to cook omlete before the show, we arrived late and got none), drinking beer and the show began with someone in a giant dog costume entering the room.  The costume was insanely well made and the microphone was possibly embedded into the costumes nose.  Jon the Dog usually plays gigs solo with a pump organ singing songs about a dog with a high pitched squeaky voice creeping kids out in local parks but tonight she is playing with a heavy metal drummer with a double bass pedal and some rather thick sticks.  To say I was a little intrigued is an understatement!  It was beyond bizarre.

The set comprised of short 2 minute long songs, some awkward silences, some pump organ and some loud thrash drumming.  Not sure if the combination works but it sure was an interesting spectacle!  The set finished abruptly, Jon bowed and walked out of the venue.

The final act was a piano and theremin duo.  Hard to describe their style of music. Theremin Jazz? I am really not too sure.  The front woman was a beastly Nora Batty who could probably eat me in one go!  She sang and played original compositions with some theremin filling out the songs.  Another insanely odd combination.  It must have been the theme of the night!

Here are some photos as well as a suitably dark video of Jon the Dog.  The room is very dimly lit so excuse “meh” photos.







Jon the Dog Myspace


~ by redegg on June 7, 2009.

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