Japanese Business man DANCING!

I arrived into work in Yokohama today to find this, a dancing Japanese business man out side my work building.  It’s like he was possessed, threw his suitcase to the ground and off he went.  He was dancing to music on his ipod.  It was quite busy and no one even looked at him which was so weird!  It really made my day to be honest and it was so refreshing to see since most business men look bored, stressed out and depressed.  I sat outside drinking a coffee until he moved inside.  Needless to say I followed him as I was so curious to see more!  In the middle of the lobby he continues to throw his crazy moves getting the odd glance from people walking out for lunch.  He did not even make the elevator.  Absolutely brilliant.

Happy Japanese business man – I salute you, you are 100% ledgend!

Excuse the terrible phone footage but it’s all I got!


~ by redegg on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “Japanese Business man DANCING!”

  1. he be moving like he’s got ants in his pants

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