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OK this blog is two months old or so now.  I get a few hits from different sources and the most popular 6 blog posts are below.  I have been getting quite a few random Google search hits obviously which is what I expected and hoped for.  Some posts have proven to be way more popular than I thought (especially the Train Suicide, drunk business men one (got surprisingly a lot of hits for some reason) and Roppongii getting a lot of hits from people searching “roppongii whores” and “black people in roppongii” – I did warn you).  Here are my most popular posts in order of popularity and I hope to continue to educate people about Japanese oddities and wonderful Japanese culture:

  1. Sony DCS-HX1
  2. Drunk Business Men
  3. Simple Japanese Food for Foreigners
  4. Chuo Line Suicides
  5. Airs – Music/Bootleg DVD Shop in West Shinjuku
  6. Roppongii – Hell Hole

Lots more to come on here but this is what people seems to want to know about..  I am pretty new to blogging so thanks for reading my posts even though my posts are riddled with terrible grammar mistakes and crap formatting.


~ by redegg on June 26, 2009.

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