Sonic Youth -The Eternal [Japanese Box set]


Even though I was quite late to the Sonic Youth camp [started listening to them about 4 years ago] I have to admit I was very excited about getting my mits on this special Japanese only box set released a few weeks ago!  The Eternal (released on the 3rd June 2009) is just brilliant and it’s a must for any guitarist I think!  Guitar noise harmonic mayhem!  They never fail to impress me.  “Anti Orgasm” and “What We Know” are the standout tracks for me on this even though I can fault few songs on this.

The “Sonik Tooth” box set is released on Sonic Youth’s new Japanese Label – Hostess Records and it includes The Eternal CD with 2 bonus tracks “Pay No Mind” and “No Garage”, lyric translation in Japanese, liner notes, bonus live CD (Live at Battery Park), Sonic Death magazine with lots of odd Sonic Youth art, t-shirt by Toga Nejico, a handful of stickers and a badge.


Tracklisting is:

“The Eternal”
1. Sacred Trickster
2. Anti-Orgasm
3. Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)
4. Antenna
5. What We Know
6. Calming The Snake
7. Poison Arrow
8. Malibu Gas Station
9. Thunderclap for Bobby Pyn
10. No Way
11. Walkin Blue
12. Massage the History
bonus tracks
13. Pay No Mind (Beck cover)
14. No Garage

“Live at Battery Park”
1. She is Not Alone
2. The Sprawl
3. The World Looks Red
4. Jams Run Free
5. Hey Joni
6. The Wonder
7. Hyperstation
8. Bull in the Heather
9. 100%
10. Making the Nature Scene
11. Silver Rocket

Sonic Youth play 2 dates of interest to me:

AUGUST 9th – Sonic Stage – Summer Sonic Festival > Tokyo.

DECEMBER 6th – Vicar Street > Dublin (last gig of the tour it seems and their first indoor Irish gig since 1998!)


~ by redegg on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sonic Youth -The Eternal [Japanese Box set]”

  1. I so have tickets for vicar st, very excited!

  2. Good band Sonic Youth.
    I passed up on the boxset though…
    If you haven’t already, get a copy of “Dirty”. My favourite album of theirs.
    Their cover of Is It My Body with Kim Gordon on vocals is great if you can find a copy. It was a B-side of Sugar Kane.

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