First Tokyo Gig

I played my first Tokyo solo show in Shibuya, Pink Cow last night!  It was part of the monthly FLO Union event.  It was quite last minute so I had minimal practice and not a whole pile of material to work with.  This was also my second ever solo show –  I did one in Eamonn Dorans in Temple Bar/Dublin about 2 and a half years ago!  I went for it anyways and it actually went OK!  I played 5 Green Lights song as it’s all I could comfortable play right now.  I do have some new songs but they are incomplete at the minute but I am sure they will get an airing over the next few months.  Musically, I have I have a few things planned over here.  A new band is in the pipeline and some new solo stuff which will sound a  little different to the Green Lights stuff..

Pink Cow set list and only photograph:

Mad As Hell, Port Tunnel, Tiny Little Ghost, Fold, Glove Box.


Also, in other Green Lights news!!  ” Threading Ice” (a song which we recorded and never decided to do anything with as we could not decide!) was featured in a Portugese TV programme recently – 13376 online views.  Quite unbelievably bizzare.  This song also got quite a few plays on Aislings Diary on RTE Irish TV this year too.  I think it’s funny that the song we grew to dislike playing live and never did anything with was the song that gets played on Irish and Portugese TV. Typical! Video is here (at 3.10 minutes in)!


~ by redegg on July 13, 2009.

One Response to “First Tokyo Gig”

  1. That t.v. show looked great. It’s a pity threading ice didn’t soundtrack that drink spillage scene at the start with all those close ups(drool)… The song probably would have gained even more notice.

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