Kill Krinkle Club – new recordings


I have always been intrigued by this Irish band.  A band most people won’t like I think as their live shows are just odd and completely detached from the sometimes dull music scene over there.   I have seen them numerous times now and have always been itching for more.  I have found myself listening to them ALOT over here especially the amazing “Lakes” which was recently rerecorded with new trumpets and great harmonies for their debut album and is uploaded to their colourful myspace.  A great great song!   Have a listen!  Dublin shows next month and an Electric Picnic appearance so plenty of chances to catch their wonderful bizarreness live!

Lakes – Kill Krinkle Club


~ by redegg on July 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Kill Krinkle Club – new recordings”

  1. ooh electric picnic eh?? i think i knew that already but im excited!

  2. I am going to miss Electric Picnic this year I have to say! It’s one weekend I really look forward to! Although last years soaking on the last night was quite horrible! I remember just having dry boxers, a poncho and wellies the following morning. pleasant eh!

  3. I dunno, trumpets or not I think they’re just trying a little too hard.

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