Adebisi Shank – Super Deluxe > 15th July


Adebisi Shank returned to Tokyo last week for the Japanese leg of their Irish/Japanese/Scandinavian tour.  I had been looking forward to their Super Deluxe gig for a few months.  They are quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to the underground Irish music scene in the past few years and I was a huge fan of their debut LP and EP so I nearly exploded when I heard they were coming over.  The gig in the Super Deluxe was definitely worth the wait!  The night marked the double header vinyl release of Adebisi Shank – “Oyasumi” / LITE – “Infinite Mirror” (Vinny club 8-bit version).

The crowd tonight is an odd one.  40% girls under 5 foot, 10% guys with pony tails, 5% foreigners, 45% trendy Shibuya kids – another Japanese gig, another pretty dry crowd.  Polite claps after songs even when the the band are pouring so much of their energy (and sweat) into the crowd.  People stand motionless like statues even during LITE’s headline slot.  It’s most bizarre but it’s the Japanese way!

This is my 3rd time seeing Adebisi Shank play (twice in Dublin before) and the hundred or so shows they have been playing over the year has really paid off.  They gave one of the tightest performances that would put any Japanese band to shame.  Yes, LITE I am pointing at you.  Eventhough LITE pulled off yet another flawless show, I do think think Adebisi Shank came out on top tonight.  The sound was spot on for the Shank, incredibly loud and clear as I had hoped for.  This is not music for low volumes.  Their set list comprised of tracks from their excellent latest LP (“This is the LP of a band called Adebisi Shank”) and their equally brilliant EP (This is the EP of a band called Adebisi Shank).  One new song called “Ohio” (Japanese for good morning) got an airing too.

Adebisi Shanks set list went something like this, possibly, I was having too much fun to remember:

  • Jump Cut
  • You Me
  • Ohio
  • Skunk
  • Horse
  • Colin Skehen
  • Agassi Shank
  • Mini Rockers









~ by redegg on July 24, 2009.

One Response to “Adebisi Shank – Super Deluxe > 15th July”

  1. took you long enough to write this up!! sounds great, the crowd should be given skittles and coke beforehand to get themselves geared up for the set

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