So.. I want can to…. speak gooder!

People really do try their best to speak English over here (outside English schools).  Shop owners, bar tenders and even police officers.  I think it’s great even when their grammar is back to front and upside down.  However, I can’t forgive mistakes like this…  Seriously, how can you go to a printer and get something printed that no one can understand.  This is Engrish [mostly internet translation] at it’s best.  Photos taken in Sudiobashi [Toyko] and Kyoto threw up some great examples.






~ by redegg on July 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “So.. I want can to…. speak gooder!”

  1. the first one is very funny.
    though the last isn’t really engrish, is it?

  2. Well, that’s what I am not too sure of! It’s trying to be all flowery but just ends up sounding a little ridiculous to me anyways.

    The first one is HUGE as well. You can’t miss it. Right beside the Tokyo Dome!

  3. some of them are almost poetic.

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