The Grapes – Koenji [Rupert the Bear]

DSCF5372 Look who popped in for a shot of tequilla a few weeks ago!  I got a bit of surprise when I looked up and saw him just sitting there all alone so I decided to join him.  The Beatles themed bar is located north of Koenji station is an excellent venue for any occassion;  Food, beer, coctails, music and Rupert the Bear.. All good!   They seem to have most if not all the Beatles back catalog on vinyl too and a great sound system!  I like this place alot.  My previous Grapes post is here.


~ by redegg on July 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Grapes – Koenji [Rupert the Bear]”

  1. Rupert was such a tight arse. But I loved him nonetheless. Him and his hot air exhibits.

  2. I know. He would not even buy me a drink! He is surprising boring in real life!

  3. I was in there again last night.
    Sometimes I walk by and it’s full, other times it’s quiet.
    Restaurant business is tough in Japan, especially Tokyo.

    There’s one regular customer. Some bloke that loves the Beatles, and I’ve seen him almost everytime I’ve gone in. Claims that the hamburg is the “best”. It is bloody good, that’s true.

  4. and sooo much nicer that The Bear from Bo’ Selecta who was in the night before…

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