Gundam statue [Odaiba]

I love Odaiba [Tokyo].  So unnatural and so out of place.  It’s a man made bay with it’s own beach with a weird shopping centre, a famous onsen,  a great science museum with robots, the worlds creepiest arcade machine,  the impressive night views of Rainbow bridge,  recently hosted a Terminator exhibition, some of Tokyo’s most unusual architecture, (Tokyos only?) turkey sandwich bar,  a Hello Kitty Ferris wheel, Toyota showcase room with automatic car test drives, a small statue of liberty and now this..

Gundam – a 1.1 scale 59 foot statue and towering over Odaiba Bay.  It was built to celebrate Gundams 30th anniversary and will represent as a symbol of “The City of Tokyo flowing with greenery” and also help fund raise for the Tokyo 2016 Olympics bid.  Maybe a  sly decision to help with the continuous struggle to get people out here as people don’t like it and it’s also too far away.  Apparently it took one and half years to make.  It was under construction when I visited a few weeks ago and not moving and it also emits steam from 14 limbs!  It will be taken apart on August 31st so get a look while you can.  Such a shame as it is very impressive and it was only officially completed on July 11th.

Anime fan or not, this is quite the spectacle.






Map of location.


~ by redegg on August 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Gundam statue [Odaiba]”

  1. So it actually moves? That is cool.

  2. Well it turns it’s head and it’s eyes glow! I might head out again soon to see it all completed.

  3. I love him. Really. I want him in my garden, and I don’t have one in my tiny apartment in Tokyo.

  4. By any chance you heard of this statue damaged by storm or something? My friend in Japan mentioned that she heard news cast about it.

  5. Well, that is the first time I heard that. I don’t think so. It’s was monstrously heavy and strong so I doubt it! I miss it.

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