Deko Boko Friends

These 30 second cartoons are brilliant.  They are played on kids channels to promote different personalities and appearances that people have today.  Strange, as I have yet to see one that does not creep me out!  Some of them are just weird though.. like this guy (personal favourite!):

Kaki Kaki  – an extremely nervous cactus. His thorns fall out and a flower grows out of his head when he is surprised.

Here is some more, although the theme music does get incredibly annoying after 30 seconds!  Watch the start of this at least.

First character, Ken Bahn plays his keyboard teeth whenever he is happy and loves to dance with his umbrella in the rain.


~ by redegg on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Deko Boko Friends”

  1. They are strange things. And that cactus could star in an adult movie. Rainbow snout guy is cool though. The guy right after him is incredibly weird – it sounds like he’s having difficulty to poo and then his head cracks???

  2. Ha Ha Ha!! You found this!! I’ve been watching this over the past 3 years with my daughter. Well, more likely she watches his with me. How cool is it? The same people created Zenmai Zamurai (Wind-up Samurai), which I also love:

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