Earthquake week

Three earthquakes in one week and one typhoon sweeping over the edge of Tokyo.  It has been an eventful week over here.  No one died in Tokyo although some granny dislocated her hip or something (probably not earthquake related at all and she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame).  I actually missed the first one (Sunday 9th August around 8pm).  I was around Shibuya crossing waiting on a friend at the time and I don’t know how I did not feel it.  It was apparently the strongest one!  The next one (Tuesday 11th August – 5:10am), I felt this, it woke me up and it was too difficult for my brain to register what exactly was going on.  Before I could actually do anything it was over.  Definitely the oddest sensation I have ever experienced.  It was like someone just picked my room up and started shaking it for 10 seconds.  I got zero sleep after that as I was just waiting for another jolt to hit.  The most recent one hit Thursday 13th August morning about 8am..  My Irish friend was getting ready to leave (she managed to miss the first earthquake too and slept through the second one).   This one would have been hard to notice if you were walking around.  Our dialogue went something like this:

Colin: “AOIFE!! do you feel that?”

Aoife: “What are talking about??! I’m packing, leave me alone!”

Colin: “What? How can you not feel that?!”

Aoife: “Seriously what wrong with you?!”

Colin: “SIT. ON. THE. GROUND!”

Aoife: “ahhhhh….. weird. *nervous giggle*”

Here is a normal tremor.  You will probably only feel this if you sit on the ground or lie on your bed.  These hit every few days but I felt none in my first 5 months here [photo – JMA]:


Here is the second one that woke me up Tuesday 11th August  [photo – JMA site].  A little more activity!:



~ by redegg on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Earthquake week”

  1. They’re a cheap thrill, right? Scary, yet somehow cool… 😉

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