Rojo – Koenji


I’m hungry, it’s my day off, I am too lazy to cook and I am aching from my swim so I decided to spoil myself and check out this little Mexican restaurant in Koenji.  It’s quite hidden and it’s very easy just to walk past it.  It’s actually my first time getting grub here although I have drunk here a few times (Corona for 500 yen, I won’t complain).  As I walk up the staircase I hear a woman singing sleezey Karaoke from the hostess bar adjacent to Rojo (they are everywhere in Koenji!).  Seemingly I was the first customer of the evening as the place was empty when I entered and they were still cleaning floors.  I ordered the bean burrito [ 750 yen] as I could not read anything else on the menu and from experience the vegetarian options are usually the best.  The presentation was simple but this burrito was just amazing and one of the nicest things I have eaten in months!  That’s all I am saying.  Recommended and I will be going back soon.  I had my camera so I took a few sneaky shots.  They had an interesting dessert menu that I will be tackling next time.  The staff are super nice and they really tried their best to have conversation with me – they failed.. (smile and walk away).






How to get to Rojo: Take Koenji south exit, walk down the pal until you come to road intersection near Village Vangaurd.  Take a right there and you will see a 24 hour Seiyu supermarket.  It’s opposite that. Just look for the Rojo sign and it’s on the second floor.


~ by redegg on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rojo – Koenji”

  1. living in koenji too. checking it out soon.
    looking for a good tee-off spot for a round of pub golf.

    • It’s pretty good for cheap Corona I find.. Although 300 yen a bottle underneath the station tracks beside Mc Donalds is the winner.. Strange strange place!

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