Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival!!!


The annual festival is held at the end of August and is the 2nd biggest Awa Odori festival in Tokyo.  Nearly 200 dance groups will do their crazy dancing on the main streets in Koenji including the covered PAL.  Apparently it’s one of the 3 big Tokyo festivals!  It’s going to very crowded as the festival normally attracts over 1.2 million people throughout the weekend.  Expect lots of hugs from beer fueled salary men if you are a white foreigner like me.  Koenji people are the friendliest people you could meet and this is a great opportunity to mingle with them.  When I walk around Koenji, people from shops where I often go always say hello to me or even try to start conversation even though they struggle to string a sentence together.  Izakyas (bars) are also much more relaxed out here I find.  No cliques and no bad attitudes that are definitely evident in a lot of Tokyo’s izakyas.

Schedule is as follows:

  • 28th 6pm – 8pm [ I am not too sure what this is.  Google translator threw up something like this..  Quiet day, common to see people with disabilities and children attend this day, mad day……  Not too sure.]
  • 29th: 6pm – 9pm
  • 30th 6pm – 9pm

If you plan on coming out, let me know and we can meet up!  I will be in Koenji Saturday from about 7pm and Sunday 8:30.  Jinbei/Kimono optional!  I am still unsure if I am kitting out or not!  The wooden shoes are an absolute killer I hear!

Koenji Awa Odori preparations:






~ by redegg on August 26, 2009.

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