More simple Japanese/Tokyo Food (for foreigners)

My last foreigners food post is my second most popular blog post at the minute so I figured I would do another post on good(ish), quick, cheap chain restaurants in Tokyo to make you visit that little bit less stressful.  I won’t lie to you, the first too here took alot of courage to enter as the window presentations are just terrible.  I mean, it’s almost like they don’t want people to come in.  So please ignore the banners and posters you see outside.  Vegetarian dishes are not common here although the last one here has vegetarian options.



OK, I recommend this if you are on a budget and not too picky about presentation.  You need to work with a machine in the restaurant and there is no English.  It’s not somewhere to go on a date, that’s for sure or even hang out to kill time.  It’s bright, loud and busy.  When you order your food it’s in front of you in less than 20 seconds.   It’s kind of hilarious really.  I would compare this to a grotty school canteen.  Everything costs between 300 to 600 yen I think.  I suggest you get the beef curry, rice, miso soup set [pictures are obvious and there are different sets with salads and other sides] as I don’t know what anything else is plus the rest looks like animal entrails…   You will see this restaurant on nearly every street in Tokyo… seriously.



Apparently sells beef ball but I definitely would not call it that.  This place sell really cheap food like above and definitely not a hangout to kill time.  No machine this time and no English,  just a Japanese menu stuck to the counter in front of you that you have to point to it.  Well, that’s what  I do and it seems to work.  Everything on this menu looks OK, again the presentations are not great but the taste is actually really good.  Usually it’s a bowl of rice, some sauce topped with slices of cooked beef.  Some sets are as cheap as 500 yen.   These are also everywhere.  Not as popular as Matsuya but they are easy to find.

La Pausa


Apparently an Italian but it’s Japanized Italian food so expect really salty food and egg on most pastas and even some pizzas.  The menu is in Japanese but there pictures are safe enough although there is a fish egg and mayonnaise pizza on there somewhere so you have been warned.  It’s actually quite expensive compared to the other restaurants and this is definitely the saltiest food you may ever eat in Tokyo.

Coco Ichiban


This place is great.  Not too many of these stores about Tokyo but this place saved me on my trip to Kyoto.  English menu, easy directions, friendly staff and great curry made fresh right in front of you.  There is an excellent selection of curry in here too.  Pick a base curry [pork, beef] and then your meats and vegetables etc. I am loving the seafood one at the minute and the vegetarian curry is also great if you are iffy about Japanese meats.  Most dishes cost between 600 and 1000 yen.



Tempura –  The Japanese fish and chips.  This is delicious and I don’t care if it’s unhealthy.  Here is your typical dish.  I have eaten the vegetarian dish too which is just as nice.  Most dishes cost about 600 yen.  There sign says “Tenya” below the Kanji.

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