Mitaka Studio Ghibli Museum


Ghibli movies are great.  Well, Miyazaki to be more specific.  My first introduction to Miyazaki’s work was on cold boring evening in Dublin when I (out of complete boredom) watched Spirited Away with some housemates.   I was utterly blown away by it really.  His work (from what I have seen) is sometimes creepy, sometimes funny, sometimes strange but never boring.  Before heading to the museum I did some homework and watched some of his other movies which turned out to be equally as good as Spirited Away if not better.

I have seen..

Castle in the Sky [a story about a mythical sky castle called Laputa],

My Neighbor Totoro [possibly his most famous work and rightly so, I wish I was kid watching this though],

Porco Rosso [man cursed, turns into a pig, fights air pirates!] ,

Spirited Away [small girl get’s lost in an old Japanese onsen in search for her parents who are pigs],

Howl’s Moving Castle [ this is actually my favourite, great story, excellent characters and the animation is mind blowing, just watch it].

Here is the trailer for Howl’s Moving Castle:

The inside of the museum is amazing.  It’s obviously made from a kids perspective.  A lot of small bridges, an incredibly narrow spiral Iron staircase which is easy to get stuck in, small tunnels to crawl through, random balconies everywhere, a huge furry soft cat bus for children to play in [I was very close to diving in with them], small exhibition rooms with some very nifty displays and a small roof top garden with a Laputa Robot towering over everything.  Emphasis is on Totoro and Porco Rosso from what I can see which was a bit of a surprise considering Spirited Away was the movie that made them known globally.  I also got to see a short movie (only shown in the museum) about some kids in school who made an imaginary boat (with no English subtitles).  A little disappointing I have to say but fun I guess.  This places gets crowded, very crowded.  In fact you need to reserve tickets a week or two in advance to get tickets!

Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside the museum so here are some photos of my housemate Taca and I outside. .. drinking Ghibli branded beer and posing/looking rather smug with the excellent Laputa robot..




The woman behind me absolutely murdering an ice cream.

Panasonic LUMIX 009

Me with my favorite Ghibli character … the soot sprites (thanks Loreana for the correction!! not dust balls as they are called elsewhere)

Panasonic LUMIX 022


~ by redegg on September 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “Mitaka Studio Ghibli Museum”

  1. The dust balls are called soot sprites 😀

  2. Deadly, deadly, deadly! So envious Colin, I’ve just read this aloud to my daughter who is *very* pleased to hear that Porco Rosso gets fair dues, it’s her favourite Ghibli movie…my son loves Tortoro tho!
    Looks like such a fun place and so kid-friendly too. Hopefully we’ll get to play on the Catbus someday 🙂

  3. Thanks for the correction Loreana. Now edited. They are also called soot balls elsewhere too!

    Porco Rosso is very strange. Definitely the oddest one I have seen yet! Great movie but strange plot eh!

  4. Oh I dunno, I love this Japanese take on spells and animals! At this stage it would be surreal to watch a Ghibli anime with a straightforward story….

  5. I think I would appreciate it more if I was a kid or if I watched it with kids! One cool pig though.

  6. Nice beard Colin! Keep it up!

  7. Spirited Away’s great.
    Much like the pic with the woman in the background eating that ice cream.

  8. i want to go here so badly!

  9. It’s a lot of fun! It would be insanely good for kids I think.

  10. I Went There Last Year When I Was 15 > u < !!
    Howls Moving Castle Is My Favourite Movie Also .

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