Cheapest route to Narita airport from Tokyo – 1190 yen


This should be quite useful to people visiting Tokyo on a serious budget or people who are sick of paying ridiculous train fares in what is the worlds most expensive city.  Transport in Toyko is expensive – FACT.  Airport transport to Tokyo advertised to foreigners at airports is incredibly over priced but quite convenient [ Narita Express, Airport Limousine].  Here is a route that will take a little more effort, is reliable and saves you alot of money if you are doing multiple trips.  It`s not really advetised to foreigners.  I guess it`s because the 2 companies above will go bust….

  • Take the JR Yamanote to Nippori – 190 YEN.   [You can go to Ueno station either but it  is huge and you need to go outside to access the Keisei line.]
  • Transfer train line at Nippori to the Keisei Line in this station.  [The station is small but a little hard to navigate. Basically you are directed onto a platform and then you go up a set of steps on that platform and then the follow the signs at the top of those steps]
  • Don`t get the Skyliner on this line (double the price), there will be little lit up signs on the side of the trains. Skyliner, Limited Express, Rapid Limited Express are the different trains on this line.  You can take the Limited Express OR the Rapid Limited Express.  The rapid limited express is only 6 or so minutes quicker so it does not really matter which one you take!  If confused as an attendant nicely..  – 1000 YEN
  • Timetables [please note that the train stops at terminal 2 first and then terminal 1 just called Narita airport on the timetable.  Don`t get off at the Narita stop! Duration is about 60-70 minutes stopping at about 10 or so stops.  Most stops listed here although they seemed to stop at 2 or 3 extra stops on my train.  Maybe that diagram is out of date.]

Nippori [Tokyo] > Narita Terminal 2/Narita Airport (Terminal 1)  – WEEKDAYS

Nippori [Tokyo] > Narita Terminal 2/Narita Airport (Terminal 1) – SATURDAY, SUNDAY, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS


Narita Terminals > Nippori – WEEKDAYS

Narita Terminals > Nippori – SATURDAY, SUNDAY, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS


~ by redegg on October 4, 2009.

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