Cat Cafe – Coccolare – Shimokitazawa

Another visit to one of my favorite places in Tokyo but this time I decided to check out a cat cafe (neko cafe) that I have been eyeing up since my first visit back in May.  I remember reading about these cafes in an Irish paper and I found the whole concept a bit ridiculous but very intriguing.  They are set up for people who can’t afford to have cats in their miniature apartments.  The setting is very relaxed which resembles a large sitting room with lots of cat toys and scratch points dotted around the room.  Drinks are available, food can be ordered and everyone sinks into the comfy sofas with cats just lounging around them, mostly ignoring the clients that come in.  A lot of the cats are fully grown, lazy and heavy sleepers.  They had a menu card with all the cats faces, names, breed (my favourites were the wiener cat and the one that looks like Bungle from Rainbow below) and a description of their personalities on it.   A box of toys was provided for clients to use freely and there was even a bookshelf of cat related books if you got bored of the cats.  One hour costs 1300 yen (about 10 euro, free drink) for the basic package.




Coccolare site


~ by redegg on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cat Cafe – Coccolare – Shimokitazawa”

  1. That’s the best place I’ve ever seen Colin!!!! You should open a cat café here when you get back! 🙂

  2. awesome, love it!

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