Kyudo – Result!


I completed my Kyudo beginners course last week through Japanese in Nakano/Tokyo (9 two hour lessons over a 3 week period).  To say it was challenging would be a big understatement!  Some would say it was a bit stupid me doing this through Japanese, but I think I made the right decision;  Jumping right in the deep end and getting a real taster of Japanese Kyudo.  Despite the huge language barriers, I managed to understand and learn the complicated routines, unusual postures,  bowing techniques, awkward arm and hand tilts, not kill anyone and follow the stringent rules (although Seiza was one rule I physically could not follow and many of the Japanese seemed to struggle with.  Prepare to hear cracking bones – ouch!).   I was the only foreigner there out of the 18 people who signed up so the English banter wasn’t exactly flowing but I really enjoyed just taking it all in, listening to conversations around me, having some bad Japanese conversations with some of the students and people addressing me as………… Urin (registration error).  The words eetie (painful), muzokashi (difficult), omoshiroi (interesting), scaretta (tired), wakarimasen (I don’t understand), daijup? (OK?) were my phrases of choice for the 9 lessons.   I got some photos of the Kyudo hall, classes in progress and me receiving an agonizing Kai Raku Chinese massage from a nice blind man who attended all the lessons with his wife.  It looks like he is assaulting me, but he is not, no really he’s not.


me, a 7 foot bamboo bow, a fan



ko-ri-n (ireland) - 3rd column.


Kyudo glove


a kinder egg for anyone who can understand this.. anyone?





my arrow hit the target..... kind of.


~ by redegg on October 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Kyudo – Result!”

  1. Looks great this does mate.
    I did judo and still do sometimes, and was always interested in giving kyudo a go.
    Maybe one day…

  2. Thanks! Yea, it’s pretty great but it’s pretty serious at the same time! I am thinking about Taiko now… Fun, exercise and a little bit of music thrown in.. Perfect!

  3. i’m also interested in kyudo but i dont know the place to learn it.
    can you tell me where is it.

    thank in advance

  4. Where was this in Tokyo? I’m really interested in trying it out!

  5. Hi Colin!

    I am in Tokyo at the moment searching for Kyudo training (I am here for a month) to see how it can translate to my art practice – stripping one of the self etc… I have been given an award by my Uni and this was my proposal, so its great to have stumbled across you blog. Would you mind telling me the address of the dojo you attended please? I am keen to get started ASAP – only just arrived but time is of the essence etc..Arigato…Clare

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