Adebisi Shank – Shibuya [Tokyo] 28th October


“eye-ru-lawn-de?” is what I hear muttered near me moments before Adebisi Shank start their set.  Quite a proud moment I have to say.  One of Ireland’s best Irish bands (if not the best) are playing at 7pm sharp and I am surrounded by about 300 eager punters and even Satomi and Greg from Deerhoof came in to show their support.  Adebisi are no strangers to the Japanese gig scene and this tour makes it their 4th Japanese tour to date (I think) – quite impressive if you ask me.  Tonight’s line up consists of 5 bands,  almost 6 hours long which made it more of a festival than a gig.  Unfortunately, not playing to the full house that headliners tera melos got, Adebisi get the opening slot but for once I think this is a good thing.  People are excited and the sound is crystal clear and not the muddy mess that can happen late into gigs.  For me, headliners tera melos had a tough time dealing with a somewhat weary crowd.. 4 bands prior to their all important headline slot was probably not the best idea in the world especially when two of those bands are LITE and Adebisi Shank.  The (almost) 6 hours of standing around doesn’t help much either.  I got three HD videos (sound quality not the best) of Jump cut, new song Ohio and the brilliant latest release Oyasumi (although no trumpet section!).

Also, their Dublin shows in December are their last for a good while.  Do yourself a huge favour and go!  I recommend this one.




~ by redegg on November 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Adebisi Shank – Shibuya [Tokyo] 28th October”

  1. Absolutely cracking stuff, pity about the sound, but the picture makes up for it. They sure know how to bogey!

  2. Yea. Well, it was so unbelievably loud so I doubt any camera could have handled it without exploding. If only I had a mix from the sound desk!

  3. DEadddddddddddleeee

  4. Nice work, C!

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