Screen Vinyl Image – UFO Club / Koenji

A Shoegaze event, a mammoth bill of 7 bands, 3 American, clouds of cigarette smoke, darkness, grotty venue, tissue in my ears and a lot of noise.  This is enough to make people not want to go but for some reason I am loving noise these days and I was well pumped for this.  Melodic or not, I just love it.

Like most small Tokyo gigs we had to stand through some awful tripe before we got to see something decent.  I spent a lot of the night shuving tissue paper into my ears and rubbing my eyes from all the cigarette smoke in the tiny venue (holds about 100 people) with some nonexistent air conditioning.  Here is one of the seven bands that made it all worthwhile –  Screen Vinyl Image.  Loud?  Yes it was.  It sure was.


~ by redegg on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Screen Vinyl Image – UFO Club / Koenji”

  1. Can’t wait for u guys to come to Toronto!!

  2. Very Cool

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