Mt. Takao / Autumn Red Leaves – 16th November


A day hiking in the countryside to look at Autumn red leaves.  In Ireland, people associate such activities with old people, loud American tourists with enormous cameras and people with nothing better to do but over here going to see Autumn red leaves (ko-yo) is a BIG deal for the Japanese, young and old.  They take it very seriously, similar to when the cherry blossoms started appearing back in mid-March when I arrived.  I do think Autumn is my favourite season over here so far or maybe I am just so glad the sweat fest of Summer has ended (worst Japanese season).  Last week I went on a one day excursion to Mt. Takao with a mate which is about one and a half hours west of Tokyo.  I had been trying to get out to this place for months but I never really got the chance because of my somewhat unsociable work schedule.  It was worth the wait though.  Seeing Japanese red leaves in the country side is a definite must see if you are in Japan in November.  Chairlifts, a nice Autumn breeze, a dangerous but very exciting hiking path (number 3), incredibly salty and sweet dango, small queues, cabbage crisps, no rain and a monkey called Colin.  A good day.   A selection of photos below and the rest are here in my Picassa album.

check out his little magnifying glass and great posture.

this monkey is called Colin.. proof in video below.



How to get to Mt. Takao: Chuo line towards Takao Station (540 yen, about 50 minutes), transfer to the Keio Line and ride one more station to Takaosanguchi Station (120 yen, 2 minutes). Go on a weekday.


~ by redegg on November 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Mt. Takao / Autumn Red Leaves – 16th November”

  1. Great photos. You planning on seeing Mt. Fuji?

  2. hmmm. Not sure if I am going to go to it. Apparently it’s a bit “meh” just looking at it. I want to climb it but it’s closed at the minute. Yes, they closed Mt. Fuji.

  3. Wunderbar happy snaps, C!!

  4. I was jumped for joy by your pictures and comments(^^)/

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