Lightning Bolt – Fever – 15th November

photos - (my camera died)

Lightning Bolt are an incredibly talented and technical duo but they choose to make pure unadulterated noise.  I was quite excited about seeing them play when they announced their Japanese tour.   They played about 8 shows (?) in Japan (mainly in the Tokyo area) and I went to their second last show in Shindaita’s FEVER.  It was without a doubt the most insane crowd in have experienced in a venue yet in all my years of attending gigs.  It was just crazy which is unusual for a Japanese gig crowd when people would normally apologize if they even slightly brushed shoulders with you.  However, there are no apologies tonight.  Quite the opposite, hair in the face, limbs flying in every possible direction, elbows digging into my sides to get the all important good view of the madness, drools of sweat dripping onto my already sweat soaked t-shirt and a nice foot in the face resulting in some badly damaged glasses that I can no longer wear (I should have known..).  I went more for the live Lightning Bolt experience (see the videos below) and I luckily got near to the front for this show while my mate held the drum kit together by leaning on it and took some brilliant photographs below.  Bruised, sweat and a foot in the face.  A brilliantly fun (if not a little violent) gig.  8/10. 

I am in this for about for about .2  of a second near the start..

Also, pretty sure this is when I lost my glasses.  Isn’t this just mental? (turn volume down as it’s really high pitched and noisy!)


~ by redegg on December 3, 2009.

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