Lucky Dragons – Koiwa – 30th November

In Koiwa – on the east side of Tokyo where I rarely venture.  A nice place but a dodgy vibe lurks around the small dark streets which are flooded with small red light areas and hormone restaurants (selling animal organs and other bits that you can grill  yourself on a hot place, pig’s rectum anyone?).  It really is an odd place to set up a live house.  Lucky Dragons (California) headlined the bill which was mainly noise improvisation.  Some were great and some were just a little too much to enjoy.  I am pretty sure what Lucky Dragons did live on the night was not what they normally do.  They performed an incredibly short 25 minute set which comprised of song-less improvised ambient noise with reverby whispers and some flute.  They also handed out some strange instruments (some home made) to the small crowd to use (I got a long shakey stick that made noise which went through some delay effects and ended up in the final mix).  Some people got CDs which reflected the light from the projector in the middle of the floor.  Despite it’s shortness, it was really good fun and interesting sitting on the concrete floor in complete darkness, listening to the oddness coming out of the speakers with most people in the venue participating in some way.  I remember Lucky Dragons played in the Joy Gallery (?) north Dublin (25th of January 2009 to be exact) which I missed as it was on a minging Sunday night in some place I never heard of.  Did anyone go I wonder?  These guys have also opened up for Thom Yorke a few times.

You can legally download a lot of their material here on their site and there are some CRACKING songs on their myspace (listen to mercy – so good!) or one of their banjo led songs here.

A video featuring people playing some homemade shakey sticks connected to a laptop that quite possibly changed the sounds or rhythms as the song progressed.  I am not 100% sure how it all worked.


~ by redegg on December 9, 2009.

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