Walkie Talkie In the Cornfield – concert #1

Bricking it.  Absolutely.

19:00 – huh

19:40 – All The Frogs Are Our Weekend

20:20 – Walkie Talkie In The Cornfield

21:00 – ntwks

Opens 6:30, starts 7:00
Advance 1800円, door 2100円 (+ 1 drink 630円)


~ by redegg on January 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Walkie Talkie In the Cornfield – concert #1”

  1. Good luck with it man.
    I would have gone if I’d been in Tokyo…still in Blighty.

  2. Hey, hope it all went well – assuming ye’ve already played with the timezone difference. And woo woo for handing in the notice too. It’s the season for it…think I’ll be handing in mine on Monday.

  3. Thanks Mickey!

    Karen – Yes it was all very odd.. Japanese gigs are incredibly strict about times and money especially.. Like most things, it’s not straight forward. Despite the cultural differences it went quite good, not amazing. It was our first show after all. We were happy with it and there is some live footage of it too.

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