I’m leaving Japan….. soon

I know, I have not told many people this but it’s now all official.  I mean flights booked with no return.  My last day at work is on the 14th of February and I leave Japan on the 2nd of March.  People seem quite surprised that I am leaving as I am having such a great time here and spend so much time talking about and delving into Japan culture but to be honest I don’t think I could have timed it better with my current job hanging on by a thread and I’m slowing falling into the dreaded Tokyo routine of not thinking, not sleeping, forgetting what day it is and just walking around like a robot and jumping onto trains.  It’s game over for me unfortunately.  Well, not just yet.  I have another good few weeks left.  I will spend two weeks after I quit (hopefully) on a two week trip around Japan visiting some of the places I have always wanted to go to – Nagano, Nigata, Kobe and maybe Osaka and Kyoto again as they were just brilliant when I visited them last year.  This month is exciting as I have a visit from my sister and good mate in Melbourne as well as the final ever Walkie Talkie In The Cornfield (facebook event page) concert and I might even squeeze some Taiko lessons in that I have wanted to try for months.  Well that’s that!


~ by redegg on January 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “I’m leaving Japan….. soon”

  1. Will you be in Niigata City Colin? If so check out Hallelujiah, my favourite bar in the entire world bar absolutely none. It’s near Hakusan shrine and the Shiyakusho. And tell Junji I said hallo! http://r.tabelog.com/niigata/A1501/A150101/15006411/ Phil

  2. Well I think you have just given me another reason why I should go there! I am assuming I will be heading to the city for a few days too.

  3. Ahhh Colin! Sad to hear your Japanese adventures will soon draw to a close but it must be said that you made the very most of your time there! It was a bit uncertain when you left Ireland but I’m sure you don’t regret a second of it. Interested to know what you choose to do after…you don’t mention returning to Ireland….?

  4. Oh your right.. Yes, to Ireland for an inevitable lengthy bout of unemployment and some much needed family time. I might have part time work lined up there at the minute. Full time… that will take a bit more thought! Not financial I.T anyways. I know that much.

  5. you can have my job. watching jeremy kyle and shock docs! its great fun! also, youre going to be on a plane for my birthday. how inconsiderate. i expect a live skype birthday song message from the plane

  6. Thanks Gillian for the offer but my chance to meet Ricki Lake is now gone.. No thanks.

  7. oh no wait, youre working on my birthday. therefore, you can skype my birthday message from work. huzzah!

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