Oden carts – Yokohama

Oden is a fish cake/tofu/egg broth

The first time I stumbled upon these little cabins (down a slightly hidden alley near Yokohama west exit)  I thought I had been teleported back to the 1950’s or I had magically fallen asleep while walking and I was dreaming.  Quite an amazing find and I remember being really excited by finding some really old traditional Japanese eat outs behind an big noisy Pachinko parlour.  Something so traditional just feet away from such modern corporate monstrosities seems so wrong but I guess it’s what makes Japan so unique and refreshing (7-11’s beside amazing beautiful temples in Kyoto springs to mind).  Nowadays, these Oden carts are not that common in Tokyo so seeing a bunch of them clustered together is quite rare I guess.  I counted seven here.

Doing this post helped me remember about one of the more random projects I have been involved in over here.  I helped out a bunch of really sound  journalism students from Washington who I met out one night in Shinjuku.  They wanted some one to do a voice over for their project and I grabbed the opportunity.  I did it there and then in a corner of a Izakaya on a voice recorder.  Laughs were had, many laughs.

Here is me doing a voice over on the Washington Post.  I was told to put on a slightly American accent – FAIL.


~ by redegg on January 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Oden carts – Yokohama”

  1. which one is you corin?

  2. Well it’s in that link! The Oden Cart video one. I am the old guy who owns one of the old carts.

  3. i REALLY LOVE your first photo…. good shot!

  4. Thanks! It was really difficult to take photos as I did not want to be too intrusive. As a foreigner I did not feel very welcome in their territory! Dirty looks and stares all over the place!

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