Mori Tower – Roppongi

Nightlife in Roppongi is probably the closest thing to a nightmare for me.  It’s just bad and not my idea of fun.  I was a bit dubious about my recent trip there to see the Medicine and Art exhibition in the Mori Museum but Roppongi is actually really nice during the day.  Insane architecture, small cafes, loads of great  museums and the best open air observatory I have been to in Tokyo.  What a view!

Also, this was in the elevator… I have no idea what it says but I want to know!  Something like “Don’t choke your dog in elevators”?  The little girls seems to be enjoying it all a little too much.


~ by redegg on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mori Tower – Roppongi”

  1. You’re spot on about Roppongi. Haven’t been there for a long while, but seeing these pics I might just have to pop along there.

    The sign is saying about don’t let the lead get trapped in the lift doors as you exit. It could strangle your dog.
    You know this has happened before…
    Just like the Crocs signs on the esculators.

  2. Actually, now that you mention it.. Wikipedia tells me a young kid died on the revolving doors in this building. Maybe it is an indirect reference to that by using an animal and lift instead of a child and revolving door? Strange I know.. but it is Tokyo!

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