Lockup – Monster Jail themed bar (Shibuya)

This is the most bizarre place I have ever been on a night out in Tokyo to date.  As we walk in, we (me, my sister and my mate from Melbourne/Ireland) are greeted by a big metal door surrounded by skulls, darkness, some crazy noises, strobes and a man in a electric chair rocking backwards and forth.  I have to say, it was all a bit weird and creepy.  When we finally reach the official entrance after a lot of strange doors, dodgy floors and booby traps we are put into handcuffs and chains by a seductively dressed female prison officer and we are led to our cell and the gate is slammed shut.  The menu had the usual snacks, finger foods and draft beers but it was the cocktail page that we were most interested in.  Special cocktails in test tubes, beakers, medicine jars, racks of pipettes, alcohol pills and syringes.  We sampled most of them and we decided not to eat at all!  We had some unexpected guests come into our cell during the night which scared the c**p out of us.  Here are some of the photos. ….

this is very strong sheeeet.


~ by redegg on February 2, 2010.

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