Gotsuii [Okonomiyaki] – Koenji

Kansai style Okonomiyaki restaurant in Koenji.

Gotsuii is Kansai dialect for “Awesome!”

The first time I went here was like walking into a toy shop when I was kid upstairs in Super Value in Monaghan/Ireland.  The walls are covered in retro toys, vinyl and old Japanese posters.  It really does blow the socks off every other retaurant in the Koenj.  The tables are kitted out with antique sewing machines, xylophones, small antique toys and pretty much anything they could get their paws on.  I recommend sitting at the xylophone table – here you need to play a song to get the staffs attention.  How cool is that?  Oh, I forgot to mention.  The food is absolutely unreal and it`s the best Okonomiyaki I have eaten to date.  Each dish is about 800 yen which might seem a little steep but they make it (layered style), cook it for you and place it infront of you when they are done.  Easy and delicious!

How to get here – 10 second walk past the Yonchome cafe towards OK supermarket.  It`s downstairs.   Japanese only menu.


~ by redegg on February 6, 2010.

One Response to “Gotsuii [Okonomiyaki] – Koenji”

  1. Wow, this place sounds amazing. Especially the xylophone table.

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