Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo (Tuna Auction)

One of Tokyo’s main tourist attractions although it does require a nasty early rise or in my case – an all nighter drinking whiskey and eating rice balls in my tiny bedroom with my sister and mate from Melbourne.  *shudder*..  We got the first train from Koenji at 4.45am and then transferred at Shinjuku to the Oedo line and we arrived at Tsukijishijo station at about 5.30am which is right in the middle of the early morning madness.  You need to walk past the speedy buggies (they will stop for no one!) and fish stalls to the very back of the market to the main warehouse where the Tuna Autions take place.  It was pretty amazing to hear them shout, dance and sing with such energy at such an early time when most other people are sleeping in their warm beds.  The surrounding fish markets were pretty amazing too.  Everything was sold and I mean everything… Well, no Dolphin.. maybe.  Here is a video I took of the Tuna Auction madness!  (if you are going check the 2010 calendar to make sure it’s actually on >  red dot – tuna auction is not on)


~ by redegg on February 8, 2010.

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