Shomben Yokocho (….Piss Alley) – Shinjuku

Although commonly referred as the latter.  I think it’s called that because there is only one toilet that is used by all the bars and it’s not meant to be so nice.  This alley is one of my favourite spots in Shinjuku.  It’s great to break away from the concrete/neon/noise/shouting touts and wander up this amazing traditional Japanese alley of old ramen/curry/yakitori bars just feet away from the train tracks.  It’s a common hang out for salarymen after a days work so black and white is usually the dress code although you can wear what you like.  I went to one bar called Albatross with some peeps where we had to literally climb up three sets of stairs (ladders) and eventually find our seats/planks of wood… on a shakey roof.  It was pretty unique and I highly recommend it even if it was a bit on the chilly side.  They even gave us nice blankets!  Here are some photos and a video of me walking down piss alley


~ by redegg on February 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Shomben Yokocho (….Piss Alley) – Shinjuku”

  1. Brilliant stuff!!

  2. Love Tokyo.Love this area.Isn`t life great

  3. Yeap it is Michael! Tokyo is the business alright! One of the best places in Shinjuku I think. Very traditional but also very friendly towards foreigners… just be aware of the scams here also…. extra table charge fees added onto bills.

  4. Hi, do you live in Shinjuku or frequent Shomben Yokocho? I’m keen to find out the name of one of the places in that laneway so I can send the chef a thankyou letter – you actually have a photo of him just above – the older guy with the white t-shirt and glasses – the photo in the middle. If you happen to wander past there again – I would love it if you could grab the restaurant name or address!! Strange and random request I know, but I thought if you happen to walk past there everyday, then it might be easy to do. If not, thanks anyway. 🙂

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