My two week Japanese trip starts now..


Wow, time really does fly over here.  It’s kind of scary how things creep up so fast.  Well,  I finished work today and I am leaving my amazing guesthouse (link) in Koenji tomorrow morning which is a little sad to be honest.  I will officially not live here any more.  I could write an essay on how good Koenji is but, I just don’t have the time or energy right now.  In short, happy people, happy smiles, happy music and a killer atmosphere.  I think anyone who has visited me over here  or any other foreigners who are lucky enough to live here would agree with me.  It’s one of Tokyos if not the number one most attractive place in Tokyo I think and I was very lucky to accidentally end up living here.  I had the most incredible time staying here with some of the nicest people I have met in Japan to date –  Australians, Koreans, Italian and of course Japanese… Just brilliant really.

Anyways, back to the actual blog..

I am leaving Tokyo tomorrow to go on a two week trip!  I am VERY VERY excited as it’s my first Japanese holiday (with no work) since I arrived.  At the minute I am heading alone but a work mate might be joining me for a good part of it too!  Here is my rough itinery:

Nagano/Yudanaka – snowboarding lessons I guess and some snow monkeys in onsen.
Osaka – maybe my favourite place in Tokyo?  Great food, great people too, more relaxed than Tokyo,
Kyoto – I want to see some of the temples I missed out on last time. and Golden Temple again!
Kobe – I want to sample the best beef in Japan.  It’s here.  Oh Himeji Castle!
Nara – deer and temple area.
Okayama – This might be just a stop over although they have a VERY crazy festival on next week!!!
Hiroshima – Serious history, I think so and maybe a trip to Miyajma.

Here is a map so you can see the distance etc.


~ by redegg on February 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “My two week Japanese trip starts now..”

  1. Yo dude sounds good, have a class time and let me know how it goes cus I might plan mine somethine similar in May. So far on my agenda is Nara, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Ive been to Nagano already, ye’ll have a class time there, its wile craic!

  2. Aw thanks Caron! I will let you know what`s worth checking out! I arrived anyways.. spent my evening in a bar that had about 100 toy and antique clocks on the walls.. and they served Tullamore Irish whiskey!

  3. Wish Japan and Japanese will overcome the great tragedy and rebuild their Nation fast.

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