I have been home exactly a week now and to be honest I am surprised how much I am liking it and how easy it was to get back into the swing of things.  It was like I had gone no where.  I have already adjusted to my new surroundings, overweight people, massive food portions and a chronic drinking culture.  These are some things that I noticed as soon as I landed outside Asia.  We eat and drink a lot.  The same people are here doing the same things.  It’s a lot different to Tokyo where people move around a lot and sometimes people seem to just disappear without notice!  The weathers picked up, the snowdrops are out, it’s really peaceful and everything seems a lot cheaper.  Ireland really is a brilliant place to get some peace and quiet and I can see why my siblings like coming home from London now.  I think after living in the hustle bubble of Tokyo you really do begin to appreciate simple things like grass, trees, birds and even wild animals.  It’s just great to see it all again.  I went for a walk earlier and within five minutes I had passed a river, a lake (with ducks!) and an abandoned railway from the 50s.  There is so much even at my doorstep and I have been completely oblivious to it for the past 25 or so years!  I guess moving away to a big concrete city in Asia for a year really does open your eyes.

So what’s next?  Well, I am going to take some well deserved time off which I am currently liking a lot.  Not sure how long it will take.  One or two months maybe.  I hope to learn how to drive, help Dad out with various jobs he has on the go and I am going to whip all my instruments out and try and get some songs recorded and finished and maybe even try to get some sort of album together.  It’s something I never really get a chance to do as I am always moving around but now I have some time so it’s a good opportunity to do something I think.   Looking for job is not my priority right now.

As for this blog,  I have  quite a few more posts to do but I can’t do anything until I find a Japanese to European plug adapter for my external hard drive!

Also, check out this brilliant mess/art installation in my back garden that my dad some how managed to make.  I call it “mutilated bike on blue mesh”. I can almost picture how frustrated my Dad was that day!


~ by redegg on March 9, 2010.

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