King of the castles

Out of all the amazing and mind boggling Japanese architecture, traditional Japanese castles really do come out on top of the rest.  Yes, even above the 1000’s of temples and shrines.  It’s hard to describe how monstrously big they are especially Osaka-jo and they are usually surrounded by brilliant parks.  Here are some castles I visited while I was in Japan (I somehow managed to forget to check out the castle in Kyoto on my 2 visits!.. next time!).  Oh some castle etiquette below too…… no scribbles.


Himeji-jo/ White Heron

(only original castle le /bombed twice in WW2 but survived)


Odawara-jo / Crow Castle


Some castle etiquette… very important!

Castle Etiquette


~ by redegg on April 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “King of the castles”

  1. It’s always good to see posts on Japanese castles, so thank you. I see you missed Nijo castle in Kyoto on your 2 visits. You really do have to check that place out. It not the gates & turrets that are the highlight, it’s that wonderful old palace.

  2. Actually, I went there on my first visit but I don’t rate it at all. Big trap for lazy tourists. That’s all that was. The Castle itself was not very impressive and I spent most my time trying to get out of the castle and then walking around the nice pond outside. So I’m not listing it! Brilliant website you have there, nice to see I am not alone here.

  3. I can understand that everyone appreciates different things. I once met some backpackers in Okayama who wanted to know of some interesting places. I of course, wouldn’t shut up about Kyoto & Nara, then at the end of it they said that they had no interest in old stuff, that they’d seen enough. They wanted to see modern Japanese buildings. The conversation then faded out & we stared at each other as though we spoke different languages.

  4. No Scribbles!

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